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Structure of AMPK in complex with Br2-A769662core activator and STAUROSPORINE inhibitor

Contacts (< 4A) Between Entities (3 Chain(s) & 10 Ligand(s)) :

All Entities CHAIN_A_1 CHAIN_B_2 CHAIN_C_3
32H_A_5 32H_A_5/CHAIN_A_1 32H_A_5/CHAIN_B_2 No contact
AMP_C_11 No contact No contact AMP_C_11/CHAIN_C_3
CL_A_6 CL_A_6/CHAIN_A_1 No contact No contact
CL_A_7 CL_A_7/CHAIN_A_1 No contact No contact
CL_A_8 No contact No contact No contact
CL_A_9 CL_A_9/CHAIN_A_1 No contact No contact
CL_B_10 No contact CL_B_10/CHAIN_B_2 No contact
SO4_C_12 No contact No contact SO4_C_12/CHAIN_C_3
SO4_C_13 No contact No contact SO4_C_13/CHAIN_C_3
STU_A_4 STU_A_4/CHAIN_A_1 No contact No contact

Entities Features:

AMP_C_11 non-polymer 347.224 . ADENOSINE MONOPHOSPHATE
CHAIN_A_1 polymer 57779.746 493 5'-AMP-activated protein kinase catalytic subunit alpha-1
CHAIN_B_2 polymer 23045.449 192 5'-AMP-activated protein kinase subunit beta-1
CHAIN_C_3 polymer 37434.473 295 5'-AMP-activated protein kinase subunit gamma-1
CL_A_6 non-polymer 35.453 . CHLORIDE ION
CL_A_7 non-polymer 35.453 . CHLORIDE ION
CL_A_8 non-polymer 35.453 . CHLORIDE ION
CL_A_9 non-polymer 35.453 . CHLORIDE ION
CL_B_10 non-polymer 35.453 . CHLORIDE ION
SO4_C_12 non-polymer 96.058 . SULFATE ION
SO4_C_13 non-polymer 96.058 . SULFATE ION
STU_A_4 non-polymer 466.538 . STAUROSPORINE

Additional CBE information:

The CBE (Contacts Between Entities) database is built from the mmCIF database.
All the molecules (entities) were extracted of the structure.
For each main chain (protein chain), amino acid in contact with ligand(s) have been obtained.
The CBE is accessible from the PDB entries.
The ligand code is :XXX_Y_Z were:
XXX = molecule short name
Y = Chain in pdb file
Z = Entity Number