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Entities Contact Visualizer for 3sb0

Crystal structure of Mycobacterium tuberculosis malate synthase in complex with 4-(2-chloro-6-fluoro-3-methylphenyl)-2,4-dioxobutanoic acid inhibitor

Contacts (< 4A) Between Entities (1 Chain(s) & 4 Ligand(s)) :

All Entities CHAIN_A_1
I93_A_3 I93_A_3/CHAIN_A_1
MG_A_4 No contact

Entities Features:

CHAIN_A_1 polymer 80457.469 726 Malate synthase G
I93_A_3 non-polymer 258.633 . 4-(2-CHLORO-6-FLUORO-3-METHYLPHENYL)-2,4-DIOXOBUTANOIC ACID
MG_A_2 non-polymer 24.305 . MAGNESIUM ION
MG_A_4 non-polymer 24.305 . MAGNESIUM ION
MG_A_5 non-polymer 24.305 . MAGNESIUM ION

Additional CBE information:

The CBE (Contacts Between Entities) database is built from the mmCIF database.
All the molecules (entities) were extracted of the structure.
For each main chain (protein chain), amino acid in contact with ligand(s) have been obtained.
The CBE is accessible from the PDB entries.
The ligand code is :XXX_Y_Z were:
XXX = molecule short name
Y = Chain in pdb file
Z = Entity Number