Modeling by threading (Tito software)
Unconserved sides chains calculation (Scwrl software)
Evaluation (QMean software)

Input alignment information:

General information:
TITO was launched using:

Template: 4RL9.pdb
Alignment : align.pir
Tito was launched with SMD and SCWRL
Tito text output
Monomeric PKB - chain B - contact count / total energy / energy per contact / energy per residue : 0 0 NaN 0.00
target 2D structure prediction score : 0.52
Monomeric hydrophicity matching model chain B : 0.89

3D Compatibility (PKB) : NaN
2D Compatibility (Sec. Struct. Predict.) : 0.52
1D Compatibility (Hydrophobicity) : 0.89
QMean score : ?

(partial model without unconserved sides chains):
PDB file : Tito_4RL9.pdb:

(Unconserved sides chains are recalculated) :
Sequence: align-4RL9-query.scw
PDB file : Tito_Scwrl_4RL9.pdb: