Modeling by threading (Tito software)
Unconserved sides chains calculation (Scwrl software)
Evaluation (QMean software)

Input alignment information:
Query sequence-------------ATCNALQLTPCAGAIVGNAAP-----TASCCSKMKEQQPCMCQYARDPNLK-----QYVDSPNGKKVMAACKVPVPSC------------------------------------------------------

General information:
TITO was launched using:

Template: 1KNG.pdb
Alignment : align.pir
Tito was launched with SMD and SCWRL
Tito text output
3D Compatibility (PKB) -10785 for 357 contacts (-30.2/contact) +
2D Compatibility (PS) -6936 + (NN) 1571 + (LL) 144
1D Compatibility (HY) -4000 + (ID) 450
Total energy: -20456.0 ( -57.30 by residue)
QMean score : 0.227

(partial model without unconserved sides chains):
PDB file : Tito_1KNG.pdb:

(Unconserved sides chains are recalculated) :
Sequence: align-1KNG-query.scw
PDB file : Tito_Scwrl_1KNG.pdb: